St Dominic's School

St Dominic's Catholic Primary School Mission: 

A community centered in Christ, seeking Truth and nurturing excellence in attitude and learning.  

Principal's Message 

St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School is an excellent Catholic school enrolling children from Year 1 to Year 6.

We are a family orientated school that teaches the Catholic faith along side parents. We believe that we work in partnership with this very special task.

Our theme this year is Be your BEST and let God do the REST chosen by our parents and this theme will run through all our classes and learning 2019.

 This theme calls us all to be our BEST. In what ever we do, we don't give 'just enough', just enough to get by, we give 100% every time. God calls us all to use our talents to the BEST of our ability. Dont hide your gifts, let them show!

 St Dominic’s Catholic Primary School prides itself on providing a high quality educational programme that meets the needs of the individual. We believe in students having pride in themselves, their families and their school. We work hard to foster a positive, caring environment where differences are celebrated and acknowledged.

We expect our students to be kind to each other and have fun at school. Primary school is a place where you learn all about the basics, but it is also where you learn a lot about yourself and your place in the world.

Living as Jesus taught us to live is ultimately our goal, and every day we try to reach this goal. We do this by the way we speak to each other in the classroom, the way we play with each other in the playground, and the way that we are supported in our learning by the teachers.

All of the staff here at St Dominic's see themselves as learners too, and we learn many things from the children every day. 

We model this way of thinking from St Dominic, who spent his life learning from others and especially learning from God. St Dominic's Catholic Primary School holds on tight to its Dominican traditions, and at all times ensures that the children understand they are part of a bigger family.  

Our school website provides a glimpse of our Catholic character and spirit. I hope to welcome you in person to our great school, and look forward to getting to know you and your child.

Daniel Pepper